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Indianapolis Office Space for Lease - Windridge
Welcome to the Indianapolis Office Space web site, which features the Windridge Office Building. Windridge boasts outstanding prices (Starting as low as $13 per square foot per year), great location (Just 5 minutes from I-465 & East 56th St.) and plenty of amenities that most places charge you for:
  • Weekly janitorial services
  • All utilities included
  • Free Wifi
  • Conference room available to tenants at no charge
  • Plenty of free parking
Windridge Office Building can provide non-retail office space ranging in size from 110 square feet (Ideal for the the business that has outgrown the home office) to 2,500 square feet (Perfect for an 8-10 person office). Our 1 and 2 person offices also come with a common reception area, complete with:
  • Receptionist
  • Shredder
  • Copy machine (There is a charge for copies)
The Fall Creek Trail runs right by Windridge, so you can go walking or cycling during your lunch hour, or ride your bike to and from work. There are also plenty of places to eat nearby. Check out our Location page for more information about nearby attractions.

Windridge - A Great Place Getting Better!

Dollar General Store
Dollar General moved to a larger store in April of 2014
The area around Windridge is definitely on the rise. The old strip mall to the east of Widridge Office Building has been torn down and replaced by a 42,000 square foot Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. The store is opened during October of 2014. The Neighborhood Market stores are Walmart's new entry into the highly competitive grocery business in the Indianapolis market. Walmart completed two of these stores in the Indianapolis area before building this store. The neighborhood market stores are approximately one fourth the size of a regular Wal-Mart store, and feature grocery and pharmacy items only.

An additional 15,000 square feet of retail space will also be created, separate from the Wal-Mart building, on the western edge of the property. Many thanks to the Douglas Realty Group for bringing this project to fruition and revitalizing this area. This new store has re-invigorated the entire Millersville at Fall Creek business district, with several new businesses making plans to open in the area. For more information about the re-development of this ten acre property, please read the article from the January 27, 2014 issue of the Indianapolis Business Journal. The article also has a map that shows how the new buildings will fit into the existing area.

The Dollar General Store which was located in the old strip mall has relocated one block west to newly renovated retail space at 54th and Emerson Way. Dollar General, moved into their new location in early April of 2014. The new location features a larger store, more parking and much easier access directly off Emerson Way. The store manager reports that sales are already up dramatically due to the greater exposure and larger selection of merchandise. It is amazing to see the number of products offered by a store of this size.
Dollar General Store
T.C. Steele's 1889 Old Schofield Mill painting

Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc.

Another group that deserves credit for neighborhood revitalization is Millersville at Fall Creek Valley, Inc. This non-profit was formed in 2009 to promote the common interests of the 7,300 residents who live in the area surrounding 56th Street & Emerson Way, plus those of the local schools, churches and businesses. The organization seeks to improve prosperity and quality of life while preserving the history and culture of the area.

The name for this area goes back to 1824, when a sawmill was established in this area on Fall Creek. A village was established in 1838 and named Millersville. During the town's peak from 1840s to the Civil War, it had a general store, grist mill and distillery. Indiana's most famous fainter, T. C. Steele, painted the Millersville's Schofield Mill in 1889. The original painting is at the ,Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Fall Creek Trail
Fall Creek Trail

Fall Creek Trail

Fall Creek Trail is one of those little jewels that you find around Indianapolis. It's not a long trail, currently only 6.9 miles long, but it runs along along Fall Creek. When you are riding or walking the wooded stretches, it's easy to forget that you are in the midst of a metripolitan area of over one million people. If you have ever thought about how nice it would be to ditch your car and ride your bicycle to work, Windridge Office Building could be answer to your wishes. Fall Creek Trail connects to the Monon Trail, so you can reach the office from many areas of Indianapolis.

The Millersville at Fall Creek Valley Inc. group has obtained a grant to create a "Pocket Park" at the pond near 56th Street and the Fall Creek Trail. The money from this Early Action Grant will be used to purchase picnic tables and benches. This will allow trail users to stop and take a break at the pond.

Things to Consider When Renting Office Space

  1. Location: Obviously this is important, but there are several aspects to this. Is the location convenient for your staff? Is it convenient for your clients? Keep in mind that your clients will probably need parking spaces. Downtown Indianapolis might offer a central location, but parking can be a hassle. Also consider the neighborhood. Does it look safe? Is there an office supply store nearby if you need something? Are there restaurants nearby so you can go out to lunch? Even if you bring your lunch most days, you may want to go to lunch with clients.
  2. Price: Price is another obvious consideration, but be sure to look at all the details. If you need parking spaces for your clients or staff, will those cost extra? Look at the CAM (Common Area Mantenance) charges. These are charges for shared areas such as a lobby. Are the utilities included in the monthly lease payment. What about janitorial services?
  3. Special Requirements: Does your business have any special requirements? Perhaps your business requires a high-speed Internet connection. Be sure to talk with your landlord before signing a lease and make sure this is available.
  4. How much space do you need: You really want to give this some serious thought and try to get it right. If it you get too little, you will be cramped and may have difficulty expanding your business if it is successful. If you get too much, you will be paying more each month in rent than you actually need. Make sure you have enough space for your present needs with an allowance for a reasonable but not overly optimistic amount of growth during the length of your lease. Think about whether or not you will need room for these items
    • Reception Area
    • Conference Room
    • Break Room
    • Storage or File Area
  5. Do you need good cell phone reception? Windridge is the highest building (4 stories) in the local area, which makes the roof an excellent location for a cell phone tower. If you have AT&T or Sprint service, you will get great reception at Windridge. T-Mobile has a cell tower very close to Windridge.
  6. Is the building locally owned & managed? Local management gives you a better chance of getting problems solved quickly. Windridge is managed by the Indianaplois office of Colliers International.

Indianapolis Office Space for Lease - Windridge

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